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About Kaure:

Kaure Thomas is the Christian Coach, the Heavenly Guide to Heavenward Stars. His mission is to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, one star at a time. He is the foremost expert in transformation, enlightenment, and star psychology.

He is the originator of enlightened Christianity—The Ministry of Brilliance: An Enlightened Way for an Enlightened Humanity. This is not a church, rather, it’s a transformational discipline. Think of it this way, religion emphasizes mystery, disciplines emphasize mastery. Track & field disciplines, for example, have definite objectives and require a personal transformation to achieve them. Coaches are key to this this process. Likewise, Kaure Thomas, the Christian Coach, helps you with the personal transformation to achieve the Christian goal of heaven—where you are known.


He works with a select few elite stars who seek to live live for the Kingdom of Heaven. And the designation of a star is not used casually here. It refers to individuals with a unique profile that is based upon a spiritual potential that exists within each of us, but is pronounced and developed considerably in these individuals. His clients include Hollywood talent, entertainers, thought and industry leaders, professional athletes, and other celebrities and public figures.

He works with his star clients through The Discipline, which is his suite of premium coaching packages. These packages move stars through the transformation of merely being seen to being known. His signature package is the Be Known Breakthrough. This is a deep and intensive daylong intervention that results in a definite and dramatic breakthrough.


How We Begin Together:



The Brilliance Breakthrough Session leaves you with: 1) Kingdom CLARITY and perspective that uncovers the hidden barriers that are dimming your light 2) and INSPIRATIO...
The Brilliance Breakthrough Session
45 Min.
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